Looking Up

Trying to find heaven

But is heaven up?

Or is it surrounding us

Not noticeable

Until death

Until you pass over


When your eyes

Loses the film

That hides the secrets

Of the universe

When your body

Loses the flesh

In which you sin

When you become one

With your soul

Heaven is in you in

Locked up away

Until your time

Until your ready

Whenever that may be

Accept the change

That will forever be



Only End to Begin


Ultimately undeniably yours

The way you live

Will forever be remembered


Is only the beginning

Your essence continues


Good or Bad

Leave your mark

— Amzane


Curvy hips that meet thick thighs

Dive in between

Sweat trickles

Breath quickens

Natural quirks

That signifies




For you

Lips that touches mine

Hands caresses my skin

Ever so softly

Causes tremors


Throughout my body

I’m weak

For you

Love me more



My body arches

In pleasure

Aches from the pain

That I blissfully crave



Living for Me

Your burden is not mine to carry

My life is not yours to control




Dedicated to pleasing





Of me not living for


It’s time to break away

From the reigns

You have on me

Free my mind

Let go

Run away


For the grip you’ve had

Has loosened

The fear I’ve had

Has lessened

Knowledge gained

Ignorance gone

Your burden is yours

My life is mine

— Amzane

Naturally Her

She looks in the mirror

Perfectly imperfect

Her face is chubby

Her hair is kinky

She’s not a model

She’s natural

Beautiful in her own right

Her stomach pokes out

She’s no size 1 nor 6

But she’s beautiful and thick

Love her the way she is

Or don’t love her at all



You’re a wolf in sheep clothing

A demon disguised as an angel

Gentle ways that hide you evil ways

The worst kind!

Show me your true colors

Don’t deceive me

For I fear

The effect

Of what your lies

Will do

— Amzane


The darkness

At first I was afraid

Then I became comfortable

I found solace

In the loneliness, the sadness

It became home

I no longer ran away


The light

I was afraid

I did not know what to expect

I was no longer alone

I was no longer sad

But how

How could I leave home

The darkness that I learned to crave


Came in the form of a friend

Who showed me that the light

Is home

We’re happiness dwells


I was able to call light



I wrote this a few months ago and I think it’s time I shared it. It was written during a time where I felt alone in the world. I was in a very dark place and although many tried to help only one person was able to help me through it.

I’m no longer in contact with the person who showed me that being in the light was home but I do thank them. Looking back I thought that person would always be in my life but that wasn’t the case. They were there only to guide me out of my depression. Yes I was mad at them at first for “abandoning” me but looking back it was much needed. I had grown and needed to move on.

Thank you for doing what others couldn’t. Thank you for being my guide to the light. I will never forget you.

Love always

A note from my heart

Overwhelming joy

What I feel for you

You found your one

The twinkle of your eye

The reason your heart beats

Never thought I’d bask

In your happiness

Never thought I’d be

Happy without you

But I’m more than happy

I’m ecstatic

Not only to be emotionally free of you

But that your soul is complete

My soul is still searching

However I’m in no rush

Love will come for me

When I least expect it

But ready for it

I hope your love

Last eternally

I hope your relationship

Grows and never dims

I hope your future

Is exactly what it was destined to be

Best of wishes

From my heart